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"Inner Thoughts"

Headphones on for the trainride, silence it tears through my bones
Theres a whole train car full of people, we all just stared at our phones
Five thousand friends on my socials but for some reason i still feel alone
Ive lived here my whole damn life but at the same time well ive never been home
If i could i would stop my head from these thoughts that bounce off the wall till im droppin dead
But i ignore what the doctor said and get better on my own i dont need you to cop me meds
No mind so my brain feels lost, i thank god that my souls been found
Now im giving you the real damn me, now im never gonna stop this sound
Cause these days rather help you up, then to sit there and let you down
Cause id much rather help you swim then sit there and sink while i let you drown
Said im back on my real sh*t, back now and im back with the fire
Im back to the back to backs and i won't stop till my mums out of work and my fam can retire its real man sh*t
Come and they go, yeah i know theres a chance itll hurt
My brother what makes you a man is the way that a man puts his family first
Its easy to take whats yours, it be much harder to give
Everybody works hard for themselves, a real man works hard for his..

My best friends turn strangers, i learnt that my love was a lie
I just dont think i could face it, i thank god that my brothers alive
One of them still never made it, its a pain that i suffer at times
And i know that hes up there with data and data is sippin that scotch in the sky
I swear that the whole worlds crazy, no respect and the whole worlds lazy
The one girl that i love still hates me and i wish that we kept my baby
Im not proud of the man that ive become, lost good friends to the grams of the drugs
Im trying to swim in the moonlight, i wanna dance on the sun
I wanna hold hands with my son but i can’t
Wanna put hands on a gun and c*ck back and drop the clip to my brain
And lay there with in pain with a handful of blood
All of my homies act like they dont know me, theyre actually close
In the end all my friends dissapeared through the year like they casper the ghost
I get stuck in a train of thought where i can't feel pain at all praise the lord that i still be alive
There are times i would die and id give back my life just to make sure my babys born

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