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"Let It Blow"

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[Chorus: Memo600]
I ain't with the beefin', come outside, b*tch, let it blow
Gang get to tweakin' when we ride, hop out, let it go
Shorty wanna f*ck, I tell her slide, make her drop it low
Say why you gotta stunt, it ain't your matters what these b*tches fold

[Verse: Lil Uzi Vert]
Let's go, my Balmains, they be hanging low (Lil Uzi)
That's the 40 with the 30 on my side, f*ckn*gga, don't get smoked
These R&B-ass n*ggas wasn't outside, what they singing for? (Hello?)
Lil Uzi Vert, yes, I was right ouside by the cornerstore
f*ck a b*tch vámonos (Bye-bye)
Tell the b*tch I gotta go (Gotta go)
That's that give and go (Woah)
Pass that b*tch and me more
She just wanna test my rose
She just wanna feel my ghost
Why the f*ck your neck on froze?
Cause I gotta [?]
[?] diamonds on my neck made of [?], I had to [?] your hoe
I ain't never test [?] hoe, [?] bisexual
[?] vegetable
All my n*ggas [?], my n*ggas pull up [?]

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