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HUSKii & Lil Sknow


[Verse 1: Lil Sknow]
4AM, I’m gettin wix, she just want me for my ticks
Gave me a mess on my di*k, 
I made her play with the clit
Gettin' ripped anyway, any day no way don’t play with my game like bird men says
Put some respect on my name
I’m only chasing a wage, you c*nts are chasin the fame
Shivs and a gun and my mates
, pigs wanna come to his place
Kids runnin' off with the chain, 
I need some top on the stage
I need a boss little babe
, she lockin' the guap in the safe
Bought her four just before
, now she’s asking me for more
So I left her at the door, she be back for my balls
Keep a stack on my kicks
, she be actin like a b*tch
But I got her leavin' in a bit, 
I left her chest full of kids 
Never the less I’m a skid (skurrt), always get dressed with a shiv
Check the steps when you trip
, 'cause they won’t say how it is

[Verse 2: HUSKii]
I sip the lean with my slurrpee, 
4AM and I’m swervin
4AM and I’m workin', I ate four of them they ain’t workin'
I got bricks yeah I’m still earnin', 
I make a stack and then I go burn it
Make a track and they heard it
, they only hate cause they nervous
Take a pack and then serve it
, make it back and then turn it
Stab my back you get serviced, I hate the jacks I get nervous
f*ck the dogs I can’t see my brothers, free 'em, writin' letters sucks that they can’t even read 'em
Too ashamed to tell he’s selling so I get him a celly and now everyday he tweetin
I’ve taken L’s I’ve had to learn from it
, paid debts I had to earn for it
Never bit the hand that fed me once but take advantage and I’ll turn on it
I wonder where the plug get the coke
, I wonder when he gon’ get off the boat
I wonder if we stop him on his road and run up on him how will he ever know
Still trapping out a bando
, four days the same pants tho
Paranoid bout these damn phones
, we’re getting watched like a Stan show

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