You & me love we're naked like two jaybirds
Bathing just north of the nearest border town
We flew out of Georgia when the first shots were fired
Never no never to look back again

We dropped the transmission outside of Buffalo
And then set the old beater to flames
And continued our way by many trainrides
As far as our saving would allow

Virginia lets get away from here
Virginia it's a sorrowful state of affairs
The whole town turned on us I swear
It's like nothing that I've ever seen
In support of a warring regime

Politics, they never were my strongest suit
Religion I left behind as a boy
Signing never came too easy love
But Virginia I fell for you in an awful way

Ain't nothing in my life hit me so naturally
Like a hammer you fell from the sky
And knocked me right out of my plans for war
I left those evil intentions behind
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