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[Verse 1: Wrekonize]
Now, I've got so much life left to live
But they never gonna cuff my wrist
I exist but Not like this
Gimme space and bit of the bass to save face
Placate to the middle and break it make haste
This Ain't what it might been take the same pace
And we mighta been an overnight
Success story but no more stress for me
I'mma keep paddling up no matter what get ur ladder up and let's get glory
Why how glorious then again we notorious for penning them cryptic choruses those underground warriors
Strange my world has been deranged
Every obstacle I claim leaves another to remain
Switch it up and get another one
Problem problem
Sending me another and I solve em solve em
Bread and butter lovers get a calling calling
Chase that dream do it often often
Ok, let me know the reason and I'm down to ride
Ok, never been a season that I stayed inside
Ok, I'm ready for the pride i'll be diving blind
Turn the tides enjoy the ride even when you feel the hurt inside

Swimming up swimming up they got me swimming upstream
Swimming up swimming up they got me swimming upstream
Oh no no
They got me
Swimming up swimming up they got me swimming upstream

Stroke stroke stroke

[Verse 2: Bernz]
Im a veteran of war been gone so long I don’t feel home no more
I don’t even tend to remember last nights fight I was drunk by the time you called
Work for applause, livin in Oz, different city everytime I hit the alarm
No days off for the wicked so we hop in a time machine and we gone
Stealin time, makin mine
Makin history with every line ,They all p*ssed but im feelin fine
I ain't no pop pills for this ride.. Right?
If you disconnected im right there witcha
Pawn takes knight queen takes bishop
On a expedition on a endless mission
All I see’s apparitions
Visions of gods 5 star generals with they charms
So im wiring up all these bombs
Just to send em out to these blogs
But I got so much to learn so much to let go
That’s where this road has to come mean more
f*ck what they think let me sink deep in sleep to count sheep’s feet on my lawn
Ain't gone pace myself again, ain't gone race all these rats
Ain't gone lose myself in this, im in a strangers land
Everynight we double fist incase it all collapse
I think im swimming with sharks betta watch my back


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