[Verse 1: Wrekonize]
Aw hell no! Pay some mind to the missiles
Got bombs dropping downtown by the sh*tloads
Hit a whistle, where the kids go?
I been juiced up by the barricade, drank blue stuff in the marinade
Slang dukes up for the hazard pay, juggling five hand grenades
PC my generation
These tweaks, we generatin'
Got me in need of administration
And apologies that been waiting, like what?
I didn't mean to offend my people it was just jokes
Can I get my life back from the nights?
I've been erased and immortalized
In a bitter race with shorter time
God's in my face at the border line
You gon' need more quarter slime
Cause you wanna ride these lanes slow while they terrorize our main flow
You can play this thing like a game show but it ain't though, better lay low

[Hook: Bernz]
If we keep goin' gon get that
If we keep goin' gon get that
If we keep goin' tonight
We gon get to the light
If we keep goin' gon' get that
To find that
Shelter, shelter, shelter, for me
Shelter, shelter, shelter, for me
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