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"Hip Hop (His)tory"

For me man, Hip-Hop was always the primary in my DNA
You know, it was the first music that consumed me
It was the first music that spoke to me
So I wanted to take a trip down memory lane
Shout out to all the Hip-Hop that raised me
Alright, let me try to explain this

I grew up on Pete Rock & Cl Smooth
Public Enemy handed me power tools
Kool Moe Dee and Big Daddy Kane, they were too
Queen Latifah, she brought us that Flavor Unit
I admit I got into some LL Cool
Uncle L's “Mama Said” was a hit at school
No one else I knew knew all these other dudes
They thought I was a fool, guess now I'm laughin' too
DMC, Eric B & Rakim, and me
Was a microphone fiend, before a teen
Kid Capri, Diamond D, and DITC
At school I had B's, in hip-hop, I had PHD's
Native tongue, jungle brothers, and black sheep
Tribe Called Quest, and De La had the fat beats
Heavy D, Biz Markie, on the back beat
"Just a Friend" was "No Diggity", Blackstreet
Kool G Rap, Doug E Fresh, man and Slick Rick
Large Professor, Big L, and than Q Tip
Marley Marl, DJ Red Alert, schooled it
MC Lyte, Salt-N-Pepa, they ruled it
Nasty Nas tore it up with that "Halftime"
Every word, every phrase, every dope line
Man, it was a moment that stopped time
I thought no one could ever top "That Rhyme"
And than I heard Main Source
These cats were like comin' in flames for us
Biggie Smallz was the king of the concourse
And ‘Pac, he had so many mind blowers
Then Gangstarr, such an original
They made songs that I'll never forget about
And than came Lord's of the Underground
Puff & Craig Mack, they were bringin' that thunder down
EPMD hit me with "Crossroads"
Always “Business as Usual” like pros
Das EFX with their “iggity” like flows
And Redman shook me up with my mind blown
The Wu-Tang, 36 Chambers
Who'd of thunk they'd come and change what the game was
Method & Raekwon the Chef, so dangerous
RZA made tracks, that were Deniro-like famous
Hold up man, I can't forget Chubb Rock
The Fatboys & Beasties with that club rock
LONS, Busta Rhymes, with the real talk
Jay-Z had “Godfather of Rap” locked
Now Kendrick be the new king of the bus stop
But wait, I’m gettin’ ahead of myself, (ahh) stop
Ice Cube & Ice T were the hard knocks
Taught us all that we should all fear hip-hop
Third Bass, MC Serch, flipped the script, hot
"Back to the Grill Again" rocked blocks and brought Nas
Than The Roots brought Questlove & Black Thought
Who'd of thought they on the Jimmy Fallon Late slot?
And Bizarre Ride to The Pharcyde
Hieroglyphics shook it up until the sound died
Del & Souls of Mischief had us on a hand glide
OutKast, "Southernplayalistic" for the landslide
Common Sense came and borrowed a dollar
Poetry resurrected the scholar
No ID was officially balla
Mos Def was a part of creating the product
Xzibit & Mobb Deep the infamous
Cypress Hill & DJ Muggs, were killin' it
House of Pain, and Funkdoobiest illin' it
50 Cent, Missy, Pharrell, and Timbaland
Dr. Dre, Snoop, and Eminem
Black Moon and Onyx were filled with that Venom and
Jeru the Damaja, Ghetto Boys, Young MC
Grandmaster Flash, Mase, and Showbiz, and AG
Royce Da 5'9, DJ Scratch with that breakbeat
RIP, Aaliyah is missed greatly
There's a peak into the window that raised me
Hopefully that can help and explain me

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