Jamie Webster

"Weekend in Paradise"

The wheels have fallen off
It also signs of endin’
You’ve had enough for hours but ya carried on pretendin’
Ya shoes have lost their shine
The convo’s lost it’s pace
So now you’re in a taxi feelin’ feelings of disgrace
You’ve never got no money ’cause of all the times ya lend
Was it a pointless three day bender
Or a weekend in Paradise, my friend?

[Verse 1]
The spring is in his step on Friday afternoon
There’s a feelin’ sweepin’ through the air
All the lads are on the blower, they’ll be finishin’ soon
In your mind you’re already prepared

I’ll phone me man for sugar then I’ll phone our kid
‘Cause he’ll cover it til I get paid

Then you’re out with all the firm an’ you’re off ya lid
Only confident, never afraid

The night draws to a close and now there’s nowhere to go
Ya turn an’ look at one of ya mates
There’s a lad he know from work and he lives alone
So it’s more sugar an’ a couple o’ crates

Well is it one of the times when it’s all worthwhile and you’ve had a scream?
Or is it burning your bridges at both ends

Same old scene since you were seventeen?
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