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Boom (Vibsin')
Ya get me? (Studio sessions)
Hold tight all the mandem
Positive vibes only this year, ya get me?

[Verse 1]
I just stepped to the gal, like "Yo, what's good?"
Big back, brownin', wants all this wood
Lookin' to link when she got in the club
But we couldn't get in cah they said "No hoods"
f**k it, back to the ends for a shubz
Have you seen how I ride on the beat? It's f**ked
Still doing bits, still f**king it up
Come through, gyaldem are still looking at us (Yeah)
I'm just duppyin' dubs
Can't talk sh*t on the mic cah A-I switch on the mic
I'm shutting him up
Man just rip up the mic
Bare fans dem are feeling the vibe, I'm loving the love
Big up the DJs pulling it up
I'll teach one about vibes and energies
Just listen up and study the book
RB said "Shall we make another?'
I said "Dun know G, we'll lace it brudda"
I swear, MC's better start taking cover
And if he wants lyrical war, I'll (Huh?)
Blaze another, you can take one L then take another
When I'm with my donny, his phone don't stop
Why the f**k do you think that he says that the haze is pukka?
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