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"Spray That"

Hold tight WhYJay on the buttons
Hold tight Pezmo on the beat
Mad, mad, mad
Let me tell 'em, yo

Stop that, lyrical clip just watch when it c*cks back
Spray a sixteen so fast on a mic, man are coming like a base spinning kick from [?] back (Uh)
Can't take man for a prick fam, it's not that, guys better cotch back
"Man can't spit 'cause I'm white", that's a myth
Man I take this scene, put it down and lock that
Yo, which MC wanna try?
Which MC wanna lyrically die?
Which MC wanna test A-I
T-C-H, send man to the sky (Sky)
Then I watch them drop again
Bars and flows, got more than a lot of them
Man can't chat about "Send for Aitch"
'Cause the send was sh*t, so why would I bother then?
Fam, it's just facts when I spray that
Slim but lyrics stay fat when I spray that
Lyrical clip, get clapped when I spray that
Light MC's get dashed when I spray that
I swear down when I spray that
MC's look like pounds when I spray that
Decks get spun right round when I spray that
Trust me, you wanna be around when I spray that
Man get gassed when I spray that
Make man jump up fast when I spray that
Speakers up to the max when I spray that
MC's don't wanna clash when I spray that
Nah, ain't no joke when I spray that
And trust me, man never joke when I spray that
A-I-T-C-H on the mic
Man get a reload when I spray that, spray that, spray that
When I spray that bar
Make man do skrrt skrrt in the whip
I knew you thought I was gonna say "Car"
That's why I reload the lyrical clip
Man wanna clash and quick, they get parred
Get merked on the mic for talking that sh*t
I swear that I hear man talking like "Rah, that white boy kid, he's killing this sh*t"
Cah me and Samurai going straight for the guap
Me and Femo going straight to the top
At your girlfriend's house and it ain't no joke 'cause she's going straight for the- yeah
She's taking it there like LD
If you wanna book me fam, just bell me
Man wanna clash, then you better just tell me
Pick up the mic, put a beat on
Spit a sixteen, then I, then I shell it
End your career and show no remorse
I swear on my life, I will not regret it
Can't test Aitch in a war, my G
Man will win, hands down, d**khead, forget it
You might not like it, but you have to respect it
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