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Thomas Hardy

"Rake-hell muses"

Yes; since she knows not need,
       &nbsp Nor walks in blindness,
I may without unkindness
       &nbsp A true thing tell:

Which would be truth, indeed,
       &nbspThough worse in speaking,
Were her poor footsteps seeking
       &nbsp A pauper’s cell.

I judge, then, better far
       &nbsp She now have sorrow,
Than gladness that to-morrow
       &nbsp Might know its knell. -

It may be men there are
       &nbsp Could make of union
A lifelong sweet communion -
       &nbsp A passioned spell;

But I, to save her name
       &nbsp And bring salvation
By altar-affirmation
       &nbsp And bridal bell;

I, by whose rash unshame
       &nbsp These tears come to her:-
My faith would more undo her
       &nbsp Than my farewell!

Chained to me, year by year
       &nbsp My moody madness
Would wither her old gladness
       &nbsp Like famine fell.

She’ll take the ill that’s near,
       &nbsp And bear the blaming.
‘Twill pass. Full soon her shaming
       &nbsp They’ll cease to yell.

Our unborn, first her moan,
       &nbsp Will grow her guerdon,
Until from blot and burden
       &nbsp A joyance swell;

In that therein she’ll own
       &nbsp My good part wholly,
My evil staining solely
       &nbsp My own vile vell.

Of the disgrace, may be
       &nbsp “He shunned to share it,
Being false,” they’ll say. I’ll bear it;
       &nbsp Time will dispel

The calumny, and prove
       &nbsp This much about me,
That she lives best without me
       &nbsp Who would live well.

That, this once, not self-love
       &nbsp But good intention
Pleads that against convention
       &nbsp We two rebel.

For, is one moonlight dance,
       &nbsp One midnight passion,
A rock whereon to fashion
       &nbsp Life’s citadel?

Prove they their power to prance
       &nbsp Life’s miles together
From upper slope to nether
       &nbsp Who trip an ell?

- Years hence, or now apace,
       &nbsp May tongues be calling
News of my further falling
       &nbsp Sinward pell-mell:

Then this great good will grace
       &nbspOur lives’ division,
She’s saved from more misprision
       &nbsp Though I plumb hell.

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