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Thomas Hardy

"Lines To A Movement In Mozart’s E-Flat Symphony"

        Show me again the time
        When in the Junetide's prime
   We flew by meads and mountains northerly! -
Yea, to such freshness, fairness, fulness, fineness, freeness,
        Love lures life on.

        Show me again the day
         When from the sandy bay
    We looked together upon the pestered sea! -
Yea, to such surging, swaying, sighing, swelling, shrinking,
        Love lures life on.

        Show me again the hour
        When by the pinnacled tower
   We eyed each other and feared futurity! -
Yea, to such bodings, broodings, beatings, blanchings, blessings,
        Love lures life on.

        Show me again just this:
        The moment of that kiss
   Away from the prancing folk, by the strawberry-tree! -
Yea, to such rashness, ratheness, rareness, ripeness, richness,
        Love lures life on.

Begun November 1898

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