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Thomas Hardy

"Before Life and After"

       &nbsp A time there was—as one may guess
And as, indeed, earth's testimonies tell -
       &nbsp Before the birth of consciousness,
       &nbsp       &nbsp When all went well.

       &nbsp None suffered sickness, love, or loss,
None knew regret, starved hope, or heart-burnings;
       &nbsp None cared whatever crash or cross
       &nbsp       &nbsp Brought wrack to things.

       &nbsp If something ceased, no tongue bewailed,
If something winced and waned, no heart was wrung;
       &nbsp If brightness dimmed, and dark prevailed,
       &nbsp       &nbsp No sense was stung.

       &nbsp But the disease of feeling germed,
And primal rightness took the tinct of wrong;
       &nbsp Ere nescience shall be reaffirmed
       &nbsp       &nbsp How long, how long?

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