Freestyle lyrics


[Intro: DJ Durel]
Ayy Takeoff
I want you to show these n***as why
They can't f**k with the migo gang
We are touchable with this sh*t
Harder and loud

When I go out with that sauce
You know n***as ain't trapping too hard
Still walking in his criminal way when they get robbed
And I can't wait for him to leave
I'ma run up in his house
Don't know where the dope & selling button
I'mma find out
Go kick the back door in your living room I'm on a mission
Flippin couches flipp the cushions so I move on to the kitchen
Open the cabinets open the freezer wait I smell some dishes
Open the dishwasher and ain't no dishes
Someone to pass me the f**king midget
Over the bubble I see some cameras and
I don't give a f**k if he have a cameras
Open the door got the key for the famom
Looking for the pictures is a Magnum
But there's something in my system and I look under the mattress
Is 100 racks how I like it screwed up round it in plastic

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