Intro (2010) lyrics


Yeah, yeah
Um, yo
It's motherf**king Black Kray
You know
17 years old
Skateboard ass n***a
Terrace mob on the rep
Terrace gang
[?] skateboard n***as in this b*t*h
I already know n***a
We're the [?], VA skate team
Steezin through n***a
Trey flips, backside heelflips
n***a all that sh*t, n***a
Or f**king nose grind, [?]
Mothef**king all that sh*t n***a
[?] n***a, all them f**king tricks, we got them sh*t
Steez now n***a, f**k that sh*t n***a
No f**king posers
No f**king posers in the clique, you know
Motherf**king, and um
I know I can't rap
I know for a f**king fact, I can't rap
And um, I'm pretty-I'm pretty cool with that
You know, cos I don't really give a f**k
Cos um, to me, like when I make music
Like for real, when I make music
I don't еven really care about thе lyrics and all that sh*t
For real, for real, n***a
Like, in my mind, when I'm making music
When I do that sh*t, its for real
More about the art of it
And really like, f**king like, the lyrics are sh*t to me
You know what I'm saying?, I'm just
Liking, like creative on tracks
Like, different with this sh*t, you know
So I don't really give a f**k
That's why I know I can't rap
I'm just doing f**king art
n***a, I don't even rap
I'm just doing f**king art in the tracks, n***a
Straight up, you know what I'm saying?
I ain't gotta do this b*t*h, n***a
Shout outs the n***a [?]
You know, n***a shouts out whole white girl [?], n***a
Skateboard n***as, shouts out CBG, for real, yo
Shouts out, motherf**king, the whole RVA, Richmond City
Motherf**king, shouts out Nova
Nah n***a no other Virginians b*t*h
Shouts out DC n***a
Whole of f**king Maryland, n***a
Virginia all that sh*t, you know
[?] skateboard n***as, come through this b*t*h, n***a
[?] on my d**k
Steez on my d**k, all that sh*t
But no swag on my d**k cos I don't f**k with swag
Straight up n***as
How many [?] smile n***a, 2 gold teeth
In the [?], 6 [?]
Lost the b*t*hes
f**k it bro

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