2048 Cocaine Freestyle lyrics


Is that right?
So you wanna go to Mexico?
For what?

Wanna go to Mexico?
Chill with some bad hoes
We can do what you want
Aye you trynna smoke a love blunt
Said, you don't f**k with them joints
Black Kray, why you trynna stunt?
Tight jean on my d**k tho
Looking like the ugly b*t*h tho
And you looking like a hoe, no?
n***a chilling in the 4 door
Little 2 door, 2 [?]
n***a heading out the subway
Getting head in the subway
Metro train, aye
[?] sh*t, I be [?] tho
Make a [?] f**king movie tho
Freestyle till my throat hurt
Please deepthroat, till her throat hurt
Blowing trees, got her eyes pink
Sucking d**k from my [?]
[?] by the dead b*t*h
I been out with the [?]
RVA is the city, right
[?] Maryland, [?]
And, cruising like a b*t*h
I don't f**k with that back sh*t
And, I don't f**k with that poser sh*t
Terrace mob, that's the f**king cliquе
Ratchet n***as, who we
Skater ass n***as, f**k a Humvee
Classy ass b*t*hеs, move
Rare ass b*t*hes, move
Real groovy like I'm Austin Powers
[?] on my d**k, f**k soulja
n***a, boy
Steez or Supreme, that's my boy
Skater ass n***as, right
pu**y n***as, nah
n***a I be in the f**king [?]
Chilling with a b*t*h, it's your b*t*h
Say you rolling up trees
And we got the cocaine blunts
With the white sh*t [?]
No that sh*t be powder hoe

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