Outro Junk lyrics


Yeah b*t*h
Motherf**king Black Kray, (In here)
Is in this b*t*h
(Skateboard ass n***as)
Motherf**king Black Kray, sh*t
(Hella steez and like a b*t*h,)
A motherf**king EP
(Hella steez, LSD, all that)
I don't even know what the f**k that sh*t stands for
I don't really give a f**k
(You know what I'm saying n***a)
Just came through, you know
(RVA, stand the f**k up)
Shouts out all my f**king Terrace mob
(You know what I'm saying, DC, Maryland, Virginia b*t*h)
Terrace gang ass n***as, out here
(All the terrorist n***as, all of Terrace)
In this b*t*h, you know Middle-East trill n***as in this b*t*h
(All the terrorist b*t*hes out there too)
f**king skateboard ass n***as, you know
( I see ya'll, you know what I'm saying, in this b*t*h)
Motherf**king, shouts out motherf**king everybody, you know
(Stra-straight art gooning like a b*t*h)
You know what I'm saying, f**king
Motherf**king [?] in this b*t*h, you know
(Fine arts and trapping, you know)
Motherf**king Steezo Supreme, in this b*t*h
(Hell yeah)
You know, motherf**king hunned mill
(Goddamn, you know, in this b*t*h)
Shouts out f**king [?]
Got that b*t*h skating hard as a motherf**ker
(Hell yeah)
You know what I'm saying, [?] in this motherf**ker
(Shouts out my n***a, shouts out [?])
Goddamn man
Shouts out my n***a Key Nyata
(Shouts out [?])
Out that b*t*h, doing his thing, you know
(Hell yeah)
Straight Westside
Out that b*t*h
You know what I'm saying
Shouts out the whole motherf**king, um
Raiders, Raider Clan, you know
(Oh sh*t my bad man)
Motherf**king, all them stupid ass b*t*hes out there
(f**k that [?] day sh*t)
They be acting stuck up and sh*t
(Shouts out to motherf**king Clash, shouts out to Clash, yeah)
They be acting dumb as a b*t*h, man
Shouts out to them hoes too, you know
(Yung Sherm)
(Shouts out to all the f**king)
All them motherf**king pretty ass b*t*hes
That be mobbing around Richmond
Looking cute as f**k
Looking bad as f**k
(You know what I'm saying)
Looking rare as f**k, all that sh*t, you know
Shouts out all the b*t*hes around the whole f**king DMV, all over
(Oh yeah, shouts out the n***a [?])
(You know what I'm saying)
You know what I'm saying
f**k em' up ya'll
(Shouts out the whole white girl mob)
(Brown girl mob)
We in this b*t*h, (Yeah)
(b*t*h, yeah)
Shouts out the n***a [?]
You know
Shouts out to the motherf**king pop filter
You know what I'm saying
The motherf**king, motherf**king
Green and gold microphone we f**king with, you know
Shouts out to the motherf**king pattern walls
Right here, you know, what else n***a?
Shouts out to the motherf**king [?], b*t*h, what else?
Shouts out to my n***a [?], ex-girlfriends, what else?
Shouts out to my n***a [?], n***a
Shouts out to all the motherf**king Nazis out there
n***a f**k ya'll anyway, but shouts out
Shouts out to the girl we hit a lick on earlier, n***a
We ain't good
I'm sorry but I had to do it, you know, we had to do it
Chipotle was good
Shouts out to the motherf**king fresh ass dip
Our water standing right here on the motherf**king counter
Shouts out to the motherf**king, the mothef**king [?] audio box
n***a, shouts out
Shouts out motherf**king Toshiba, b*t*h
And that f**king HP laptop
n***a and we out this b*t*h, n***a
Straight up

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