Marika Hackman

"Phantom Limb"

[Verse 1]
Foals in winter coats
White girls of the north
File past; one, five, and one
They are the fabled lambs
Of Sunday ham
The EHS norm

[Verse 2]
And they could float above the grass
In circles if they tried
A latent power I know they hide
To keep some hope alive
That a girl like I
Could ever try
Could ever try

[Chorus 1]
So we just skirt the hallway sides
A phantom and a fly
Follow the lines
And wonder why
There's no connection

[Verse 3]
A week of rolling eyes
And cheap shots from the tribe
And we're off to Nemarca's porch again
Another afternoon
Of the goat-head tunes
And pilfered booze
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