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"Big Feelings"

[Verse 1: Peabod]
I think I’m seeing double from the shock I just took to the system
A moment messing round with my Circadian rhythm
Paddles on my chest count to 3 for the jolt
I thought I was an adult now I wish I could bolt
I feel like I’m back in the 6th grade
What changed?
I tried to play a part but then I got played, and they got paid
When I make a friend sometimes I go for the hug
But it gets awkward when you trip because they pulled out the rug

[Chorus: Peabod]
Took a sucker punch that sent me reeling
Now I’m dealing with all these big feelings
The room is spinning and my views are shifting
Now I’m dealing with these big big feelings
I'm feeling big feelings
I'm feeling big feelings

[Verse 2: Aklesso]
When was the last time I been outside
I mean No bhad baby cash me outside
Ok I’m no Dr. Phil but I know the world is on fire
But I can spit hot 8 that brings peace through the fire
Ayy I’m goin crazy out my element
My feelings got me tossin' swerving
In my shawty's element
My soul got me purging these feelings that I’m wrestling with
Confused on what you feel?
Just look to the one that’s heaven sent
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