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"Phelonious Funk"

[Verse 1 - IATG]
Yeah, my funk's phelonious, unceremonious
Cozy as a holy dominus controling lowly associates
My beats are moldy b*tches inside a rollie pollie ollie ditch
The ravioli hits are guacamole goalie mitts
I've been blessed by the breast of the best
Kept by the rest of the guests, attest to the chest of my breath
Arrogance is my inheritence, scary as a Maryland Terripin
Preparedness is the reason I don't have to breathe for air again
Querulous as Leif Ericson, unreal as Mr. Herriman
Garrulous as a theremin and derelict like my therapist
There it ends, I'm true blue who coo
Loo poo new knew rue roo woo
I got babies, ladies, rabies, caseys, macy's, tracy's and I'm crazy wavy
Lacy as gravy and pacy as the navy, so pay me

[Verse 2: J-Franks]
I Mary Pop that pus*y, talking supervagalistic
I'm a practicing vagician, ho, I perform vagic
Lebanese lesbians, but we off the coast of Belize
I feel intoxicated, effervescent, so f*cking feliz
My clientele supreme, fellatio, por favor
Got rappers catchin feelings cause they f*ckin' whores
Can't stop my Reign of Terror, it's a pathogen
Wu-Tang, Cuttin Headz, talkin' Jacobin, Math, son
Let me introduce a new form of rap calculus
What the f*ck I'm doing, I sound like Canibus
(Done with this wack sh*t...)

[Verse 3: FreeJC]
Row, row, row my boat, I float, my flow screams I'm the goat
Yo, please note I'm ill and bro, there ain't no antidote
Truman Capote, I'll write rhyme notes till I'm dead and broke
Like your nicest watch, I drop a troche into my sore throat
Homo, your rhymes are so-so and you should know so, ho
They prepackaged like Ho-ho's and that's low, no SoHo
Drop more dimes generous tippers, put on my slippers
Relaxed beat for Money$Team scene hipsters, gin sippers
Witcha b*tch and yo I slay the pus*y like a poacher
Snitch ya b*tch and I'll slay you pussies with my toaster
Picture that like a poster, fiction rap like a poser
Mixed drinks with a fingered b*tch, drink like a hoser
Boi, swag, f*ck yeah, niceee

[Verse 4: NotoriouSkillz]
I’ve just begun ma’am, I’m not finished
Just like the fishes baby, I ain’t finish
Dust off your catalogue and eat ya spinach
And watch as I make ya whole career diminish
I got my eye on you n*ggas, no Mishka
You n*ggas thin like the scarf on a fashionista
You n*ggas get beat by a basket on Easter?
Now b*tch n*ggas steady gossip like Leighton Meester
All the squawking is history like cave chalking
Sky blue Js but I ain’t from Johns Hopkins
Dropping mathematics and science like Hawkings
These weak n*ggas fortified as well as pylons
So I just rip through them n*ggas like nylons
Out on an island with my pilot wildin’
And yo b*tch’s number be what I’m dialing
Chris Berman ass n*ggas, never good enough get in the game
So you just observe and commentate like it’s all the same
You looking at John Madden, I really made it happen
In the game, made the game, now I run it
Deep cover with the Twinz we Big Pun it
And that one goes out to Skeet and Haru
Dream Team chill and watch the competition brew
With the Money$Team, who would have ever knew
Now catch us at the bar-b where wack n*ggas skew

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