ShooterGang Kony

"Plan B"

I like it
I was gassing?

Look, pride, that's an evil thing
Quit that yellin' in my face
You the type that wanna buy when I'm selling dreams
Get mad at the dream when I was selling it to them
We a team, that ain't something that you intervene
And she my queen, only problem is she sting a lot
And I don't keep an open heart because I bleed a lot
Goes to show, that's the reason why I keep a Glock
I need a love and thought that I would find it tryna sleep her out
Cold game, baby, wipe your nose 'cause it's running
Every time I turn around, you think a n***a up to something
I told you I was tired, must've thought that I was bluffing
Yeah, temptation is a b*t*h, but do I look like David Ruffin, dawg?
Since you treat me like I'm nothin', I'll be somethin', dawg
Ridin' in the foreign, why you doubtin'? Wanna touch it, dawg?
Had a lil' money buy y'all problems made me f**k it off
You can't stand the fact that everybody wanna f**k me, dawg?
I prayed you'd be a better person
You ain't have to bring a n***a down with you 'cause you really hurting
Cherish every day with you 'cause the feds lurking
Working hard, you don't even call it working
You just think I sit back, waiting on these curtains
I'm dying in my heart, b*t*h, you think that I'm out flirting
I love you lil' Bray 'cause you keep my world turning
When I found true love, I figured every b*t*h purping
Every b*t*h hurting, yeah, all these b*t*hes hurting
I don't need your pu**y, b*t*h, I'd rather use the Jergens
Dirty ass skank, here, I bought you some detergent
See you ridin' with a sucker, then I'm flippin' the Suburban, n***a
This love ain't nothin' to die 'bout
Your love ain't nothin' to cry 'bout
My heart broke, you just watched blood dry out
I'm still in these streets, these n***as ain't made tryouts
You bleed, I bleed
No gas, both tanks on E
Made it clear you could count on me
Every round on me
I got burned to the first degree
Someone said they won't love me for free
What's plan B? Look
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