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Nate Dogg


[Intro: Dr. Dre & The Game]
Aw man! Aye Game, don't tell me you love her
I mean I like the b*t*h, I don't love her
Next thing you know you gon' be all boo-boo'd up with her and sh*t
f**k that!

[Hook: Nate Dogg]
Girl I'll do anything to make you feel special
Man it's easy to see you're special to me
Whether we lovers or friends, we'll always be
I want you to know, you're special

[Verse 1: The Game]
L-A-X to J-F-K, that's where it all happened
Caught you walkin out that Gucci store in Manhattan
I was in chains and cuffs, you was wit'cha girls
I was in that Aftermath chain, you was in pearls
It was me against the world baby girl; you had dreams of stardom
The Prince of Compton meets the Queen of Harlem
First date at Mr. Chao's it was kosher, I wore culture
The fur, the Gucci, Louis, Fendi, Prada, Dolce
You're runnin circles in my living room, tearin up sofas
McLaren or Rover, f**k it ma let's tear up the highway
Let the Sprewells spin 'til the plates fall off
Then we can go one-on-one in Dre's house
Jeans painted with the waist cut out, you rock 'em the fly way
That lil' bit of Compton mixed with Bed-Stuy way

And girl, I'm not tryin to excite you, I'm tryin to wife you
Bamboo earring, white Air Nike you, yeah
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