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Stunna Girl

"On the Record"

​On the record
f*ck being the princess of rap
I’m a trap b*tch with 30-inch weaves and straps (30-inch straps)
I see you hoes stalking my Snapchat (I see you)
Y'all know y'all see my lil cute ass thumbin the fat trap
Sliding in my beamer with a Glock on my lap
Slid through the P, I done slid through Iraq
b*tches sneak dissing me can't see me in straps
I'm wasting bullets cuz they don't be firing back

b*tch talk stupid, I'm peeling yo cap
I be getting on sh*t first y'all be getting attacked
Free my b*tch Chata my sis murdered a scrap
And you ain't gotta light me up ima come where it's at
b*tch see me freeze dead in her tracks
I’m jumping out and blowing her back
You would think I was a n*gga the way I was blowing her back
Left that b*tch body laid out on the crevices cracks

Just paid a b*tch a band to sew in my tracks (you see me?)
My outfit, you can't find on the racks (you see me?)
n*ggas so obsessed cuz I'm foreign and black
But only let em eat pus*y cuz I ain't
Tryna get trapped (whoa whoa whoa whoa)
But n*gga don't waste yo breath you ain't top of the hat (whoa whoa whoa whoa)
This is my world so n*ggas better try to adapt
b*tch yo n*gga hitting me I'm hitting em back
Like do you got some money n*gga is you eating the cat?
But n*ggas always in they feelings always getting attached
Only time I'm in my feelings is when you blowing my stacks
b*tch always in her feelings cuz her pus*y is wack
But over me, these n*ggas don't know how to act
They get controllive, get to losing their mind
That sh*t be throwing me off so I leave em behind (on my mama)
You b*tches ain't pushing real lines (on my mama)
From this day forward y'all gotta
Pay for my time you hear me? (Hear me?)
I can't go nowhere in my city (nah)
At the hair shop with a pap in my titty
You b*tches can't f*ck with me
So knock me down
See b*tches slipping, I’m chasing y’all down (haaaan)
Caught her lacking at the red light
Hoe smashed off so scared for her life (on God)
I'm smokin every b*tch I don't like
I'm shooting b*tches when I see y'all on sight (b*tch)
I be one deep tripping
Tell yo n*gga quit calling, b*tch it's pimpin (haaaaan)
All he good for is some tricking
All he good for is cat licking
Only time I ride di*k is when I'm f*cking him back (ay ay ay ay)
Yea he think I'm the devil the way I'm arching my back (ay ay ay ay)
My new n*gga got my ass getting fat
Yea he beating this sh*t up while I'm throwing it back (oh oh)
Yea he beating this sh*t up while I'm making it clap
Yea I'm busting that sh*t open while he c*cking it back lil b*tch
Let me introduce you to some sauce
When I talk b*tch pay attention real close
Aye, when I talk b*tch you gon learn some real finesse
You the b*tch that n*gga hides, I'm the b*tch that n*gga flex
Slap fire out yo neck, neck (blaow)
b*tch you gon learn some respect, respect (blaow)
It ain't directed, ain't respected
I need my deposit if you wanna be accepted (I need my deposit)
It's funny how these b*tches all knock me (how they knock me)
But I'm the b*tch that they copy
It's funny how these b*tches all knock me (knock me)
But I'm the b*tch that they copy (on God)
Stunna girl, all diamonds and caps
It's Stunna Girl the trendsetter in Sac
Went down for a robbery and a strap
Did 3 years and bounced right back
b*tch quit playing with me
Hey ay ay ay
Huh, what you saying to me?
Hey ay ay ay
b*tch quit playin with me
I go money crazy
No real way

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