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"Hell Yeah (MaximillianMus Diss Track)"

Oh yeah yeah your trolling is sh*tty
Lets hit that with a f*ckin' comet
Now you try to take over YouTube, let's make a diss track out of Reddit comments
Honestly, I thought you make good content
But I realized your videos are as sh*t as Ninja's content
Let's get to the main topic
What's with the profile picture, need some help?

MaximillianMus, hell yeah. Taking over YouTube, hell yeah
Losing subs, hell yeah. That's why he asks his supporters to change their profile picture? Hell yeah
Hell yeah, yeah yeah, uh oh, yes no, what's next?
Oh look it's your repetitive content, hell yeah, hell yeah
I can rap this all day long hell yeah
Ding dong, ching chong, hell yeah. Spamming YouTube comments, hell yeah. Dissing MaximillianMus, hell yeah

Track getting lit, hell yeah. Number one meme of 2019? Hell no. Okay lets stop, lets chill, MaximillianMus sucks. Big c*ck, small c*ck, no sh*t, crop top, get caught , no talk

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