500 Pounds of Gas

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Probably stay in the lab till the plane leave
Cookin' dope with no gloves, sit these bars on the triple beam
Weigh it up; you know that it's heavy if it's linked to me
A hundred-twenty-eight grams, my day-to-day Cuban
I bring the kilo out, if them suckers make me do it to 'em
Gasoline in the paper, listenin' to nature
For all seasons, weavin' lanes, interstate racin'
My stockbroker homie just copped the i8
Wanna see what it do, I bring the El Camino through
My tires stickin' like glue
Successful players, with expensive hobbies
Mamas are high-end, luggage-clutterin'
Hotel lobbies, because we mobbin'
A movement, movin'; this what it's become
See my Wraith rollin' off into the settin' Sun
"Yo, I think that was son, dog, I bet that was hum"
Listenin' to Hendrix [?], they knew I was the one

[Chorus: Nature]
500 pounds of gas
500 pounds of gas
500 pounds of gas
500 pounds of gas

[Verse 2: Nature]
When I need some money I get it automated
I stay away from bank tellers 'cause we be fornicating
Like there's no holding back, b*t*hes, I'm going all the way in
Y'all n***as nervous like a fighter right before the weigh in
In every city I perform they go and call the mayor
Y'all n***as getting out of line, we verse 48 'em
We making money, stashing money, n***a, call me [?]
For years used to cutting cracks when the place be 8 off
Now we bumping that ca*** street, confidential
Doing dirt, knowing one day that God'll get you
If you ain't real, in other words n***a, you artificial
If you ain't real n***a, better bring the hardest with you
I'm talking lions, tigers and all of them reptiles
A hundred Queensbridge n***as front of the Jet lounge
Plucking cigarette b***s, puffing the best loud
It's 500 pounds of gas in your chest now

[Chorus: Nature]
500 pounds of gas
500 pounds of gas
500 pounds of gas
500 pounds of gas