No Problems
[Intro: Jaheim]
Believe me when I tell ya
You don't want the drama

[Verse 1: N.O.R.E.]
A yo, for years I been buyin' my coke from the same cat
Dominican n***a who look black (that's right)
This summer I heard that (ha!)
I see me always swerve wit a (give it up!) where the bird at (yeah)
Apocalyptic, I pop biscuits (apocalypse), my b*t*h is topless
Not too excited I skeet skeet my own boxes
Drama King got the drama goods (bluh, bluh, bluh!)
Same place as the Domin' Osama Hood
Shoot up the thug and still puttin' the dame on it
The pimps had to give me a cup wit my name on it
I was "Gordito"
I'm still Gordo or "Gito"
Still know how to get the raw dough for cheap-o (cheap)
I'm lastin' all palm wit the connect of a "perico" (parakeet)
N.O.R.E. got no manners (no manners!)
I take a picture of ya "culo" wit the phone cameras
Go into ya own banners (ha!), they say my ballin' so hot like lone candles
And port or part of Santiago wit my own hammers (oh!)

[Hook: Jaheim, Left Gunz]

[Left Gunz] Believe me when I say (oh!)
[Jaheim] You don't want no drama
[Left Gunz] It's ghetto die hood, thugged out all day (what?!)
[Jaheim] You don't want no problems (oh ohh!)
[Left Gunz] Sh*t is real killer, you could ask KaySlay
[Jaheim] Believe me when I tell ya!
[Left Gunz] We drama kings n***a we don't play
[Jaheim] You don't want the drama

[Verse 2: Nature]
Nature, alright, the year 2000 and 4 the War Report (port)
N***as make it out the hood, it's a small reward (ward)
We all f**ked up and mauled cause that's all we saw (alright)
Tryin' to rob from the the rich and let the poor get poor (poor)
Or rob the poor cause n***as be the hungriest (my n***as)
I'm on the Internet - catch me on your Buddy List (I'll be in trouble, ha!)
Catch me where the money is, megas and millions (megas)
And the barrel got the kick of 11 guerillas (shout!)
Seen n***as get hit and lose a whole lot of blood (what?)
When a n***a legit, a n***a knowin' how to stunt (stunt)
Uptown, Downtown, go wherever he at (wherever he at)
N***a make it implication, sh*t better be fat (sh*t better)
N***a small talk, it's all talk - let it be that (let it be that)
I get pu**y from my friends (pu**y!) give my enemies clap (ha ha!)
You don't want me on ya block (you don't want me) n***as better be strapped
So relax n***a
[Hook: Jaheim, Left Gunz]

[Verse 3: Left Gunz]
My name ring from the Clippers to the Nets (yeah)
You could look and see I'm Dirty Jerz down to the zippers on my sweats (oh)
Far from the type of cat that pay a b*t*h's rent
I got a +Fox+ like +Vivica+ and never gave her +50 Cent+ (ha ha!)
And I bet you ain't ready for war yet (uh)
My n***as got stripes, who walk around like the Barbershop Quartet? (ooh!)
It's no way to harm this n***a
I don't need no b*t*h to pump eye until my arms get bigger
Still a problem in this the rap game, problem in the street
Yo Slay, they havin' problems, we can solve em wit the heat
I show em what the drama is
That's when ya whole sh*t splattered all across the front porch in momma crib
And wit a couple hot slugs get behind ya ribs (ooh!)
You really mean it when ya screamin' , "I'm just tryin' to live!"
The game is over now
Y'all n***as slept long enough, time to come up out that coma now, uh

[Hook: Jaheim, Left Gunz]

[Verse 4: Jaheim]
Yo, straight off the bat
You don't want the drama n***a Left Gunz gon' clap
When I'm comin' try to run and catch one in ya back
Ooh! You don't really want the problems
Got a whole lot of family out in Spanish Harlem
Pop goes the weasel, out comes the Mack
And nothin' to gain but pimpin' the game