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"Get On The Floor"

[Verse 1: 50 Cent]
If I ever go broke, I'ma kick in your door, waving the four
Screaming "Get the f*ck on the floor, and gimme the raw!"
Listen, killing rap n*ggas wasn't part of the plan
It's the way these n*ggas talk man, they forcing my hand
I'm the same over beats, as I am on the streets
If I have to, I'll kill a motherf*cker to eat
I got gats, clips, chips, whips
Bricks to flip, and a flow that's sick
My rhyming time is precise like I'm doing the heist, I'm nice
Get out of line and you'll get sacrificed like Christ
Look at these fake playa n*ggas fronting like they macking
Drop the "m" off of macking, then you have it they acting
In Queens we got lil' n*ggas running around packing
Not little guns, this sh*t is bigger than Pun
Let me find out you thinking about thumping with me
The pus*y club on your nine won't rump with me

[Verse 2: Nature]
Now that Martin Luther King know his time was short, being pro-black
Turn the other cheek, n*gga hold that
It's gain my n*ggas respect, it's V-I-O-
L-E-N-C-E is what I be when I see my foes
It's automatic, anytime, anywhere, grizzly bears
Shots going off, kids get scared
I go from Queensbridge to park slow. Across the world
Leaving trails of hoes that got they heart broke
I puff the dark smoke, usually, mix it with greens, look what it do to me:
Have me f*cked up before puberty
If I had one wish and the sh*t'll come true
A n*gga live to be a hundred and two
All I need is a two-pay, call it a new day
Immigrant prostitutes like "papa how much you pay?"
Got to lose weight, n*ggas say I'm way too big
Bad habits, call a shop, and stay way too jigg, motherf*cker

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