Sosa Vs. The State
[Verse 1: AZ as Sosa (Defendant)]
It's the last days, Revelations, Bibles, last page
I'm half dazed, hands in shackles, locked like a slave
My past plays put my co-defendant in his grave
Exchangin' shots with foul cops, I got grazed
Here to face the judge, catch flashbacks, taste the blood
Hate the love, it's part of the life that makes a thug
Presidential fire, the same charges Gotti went through
It's mental, them open-door trials [?] sent you
White lights, cagey mics, wild press
I'm mild-dressed, all the Caucasians be on some foul sketch
I'm blessed and I never got bagged for gun possessions
So no connection, no cop-out, no confession
Caught in confusion, leavin' the jury in illusion
No course for losin', got a ill lawyer, black and Cuban
State of the art vocal technician playin' his part
Displayin' his smarts, so the world can stay in the dark

[Verse 2: Nature (Defense Attorney)]
Yo, Honor, it's my client that don't deserve the time
Which really got me disturbed is.. you never even heard him rhyme
Once you lock a man down, preserve his mind
Check his rap sheet, misdemeanors and some tax fees
Stressed for a minute, now he's back on his feet
Call him Sosa, went his whole life with no stars
Law abidin', entrepreneur, carried gold cards
Father of 2 sons, double his loot
Mutual funds, known for rockin' suits
Stayed fly since he was young, Harvard graduate
Bachelors degrees in Time Management
Now condemned on some savage sh*t
May we approach the bench? This court vibe is so intense
Knowin' the grain's the only thing they go against
It's careless whispers with no defense
They just wastin' time, weak links, yo, this case is mine
With all faith divine, say no more, throw a Mason sign

[Verse 3: Nas (Prosecutor)]
The nerve of you, lyin' in court, we all heard of you
BUGATCHI suits, your lawyer push a Porsche convertible
Acquitted 5 years ago for money launderin'
We onto him, tap his phone line without warnin' him
Have a list of prior cases
Information leads us to more of his kind in higher places
Arch enemies 'cause he start plenty beefs
Sosa shot up soldiers, lieutenants and chiefs
In the crime industry — a capo
Started as a pickpocket, though
Later came riches and the privates, yo
Used to target corner stores and supermarkets
Mad warrants, spent time as a youth up in Spofford
Juvenile detentions, by '89 he was sentenced once
Out of the year, he did 6 months
Give or take, maybe longer 'cause he cut an inmate
Carry thin weight, Sosa verses the whole state