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"Take it Off"

(Nature talking)
Yo its mad b*tches in the world today
That just wanna get a n*gga for what he got...

Verse 1:

Yo, woke up one morning turned your radio on
You couldn't find your money and your hooker was gone
Ran to the kitchen found mad grams missin'
You thought it couldn't happen thought she had ambition
Man listen them tricks come a dime a dozen
They stay lying on the phone to they man saying I'm her cousin
Nothing like the type that won't give me no play
Coming home to the womb two jobs it's okay
Reads her horoscope she don't drink nor smoke
But suck a good di*k called her A.T. All Throat
pus*y wide enough to catch a small boat
Nah I like the witty big tittie type
Not hip to city life
Checking accounts mad weed next to the couch
Butt naked ADT protect the house
Kinda righteous satellite dish
Jew-els be priceless all I gotta do is pipe it

(chorus) Nature: I know what you want from me
(lady singing) I got love for you baby mad love for you baby
(nat)you say you wanna f*ck wit me
(lady) let me smother you baby see the thug in you baby
(nat) if the time is right
(both) I need you inside my life
(nat) if you know what I 'm looking for then take it off..

Verse 2:

I hate a b*tch with a weak mind and slick mouth
In the crib all the time spittin kids out
See me on the humble knowing that I be with Jungle
It's funny once you got doe somehoes seem to hunt you
No remorse no regrets they phone your rest
Breaking up your home known as pests
Walking thin lines make you dial star 69
It's how the game goes
Some will page you put in strange codes
f*ck for pesos ven aqui can I see
Every time we get together gotta spend a G
You gotta pay for the room and pay for the meal its like a catch 22 yo
Gettin slayed in the deal
Mama behind closed doors find no flaws
I can hold mine down question is can you hold yours?


Verse 3:

I got winter b*tches summer biches a hundred b*tches
Trickin on them with McDonalds number sixes
Super size'em for the fly ones
Introduce them to the hood those prepared to hear sirens
Episodes choker chains x and o's
I got'em coming back my sex exceptional
21 and up overnight stays in The Honeycut
They don't need a man they just wanna f*ck
Outlaws opened up lke mouth sores
Picture me switching up my style southpaw
Forget it hoe a real n*gga never give you doe
I kiss your cheek tell you not this week my sh*t is low
Hit the exit sorry we don't play like that
Thought we came to party? nah ma we ain't like that
I change chics like I change kicks I know it's bugged
But I once had love before it came to this

(chorus 2x)

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