Banned from TV
Trying to watch this movie
Yo, Jungle
Shut the fuck up
'98, it's ours

[Verse 1: Nature]
Ayo, ayo
Regardless of rain or snow, sleet or hail
I kick street tales, choking n***as like I'm Sprewell
Golden State, holding your fate in the palm of my hand
Blow you away like it's part of the plan
I gotta call it like I see it, talk it like I be it
Walking my walk, thugged out orthopedic
'Cause I'm soon to be up, give me room, watch me heat up
N***as try to stick me like Abner Louima
Follow the leader, make me go extra hard
Yo, N.O.R.E., should I hold back or show the repertoire?
Quit at sixteen or throw in extra bars just for the non-believers?
I show 'em why it's so hard to reach us
I get pussy with my father's features, puff heavily
See me at six-one, weigh a buck seventy
Catch me in spots y'all n***as never be
Packed in like Green Bay
Harlem week to Queens day
Performing acapella, no DJ
'98 live, no replays
Make it seem easy
So tell a friend to tell a friend that it's them again
Nature, Noreaga, wild gremlins
[Verse 2: Big Pun]
Yo, yo, yo
Champagne on the rocks, sporting a Fort Knox Lazarus
Shark salad with carrots, pork chops and applesauce
Twin connection, disrespect and watch your body cave in
Pump the shotty guage in, hit the shorty while he potty training
I ain't playing, I'm truly the worst
He'll be the first to get his whole body fully reversed
Uzi your hearse, leave you double-dead
I'm a bubble-head
I never listened to nothing my mother said
Ayo, I hold n***as ransom for money like Johnny Handsome
Been soning n***as so long, I think I got a grandson
My passion is money, a stash and a honey
That won't ask no questions but'll blast anybody
That's my kind of girl, kind of world I want to live in
Not a cell or a prison or in Hell's Armageddon
Just a little ghetto where my n***as control the middle
And know the riddles of life where others know only a little

[Verse 3: Cam'ron]
Yo, been in rich places, sick places
See, my story six thousand, six hundred sixty-six pages
Wages, I rolled six aces
And at the same dice game, I caught six cases
All over big faces
Now it's tipped laces, ready to dig faces
But the Bing, it ain't a bit spacious
N***as loading up they rib cages, cats like to rip places
Bloody lip tasters, Cam is a big racist
But I stay important, big places
But the world know your girl though, I fuck her off a furlough
Should be up, hook me up, all your sales could be luck
Only question for these ducks is, "Baby girl could we fuck?"
You the type that need a wife
Thought L-O-X told y'all the key to life, asshole
Yo, I don't play around, I lay it down
Fuck around, I'll spray a round
Flip a biscuit, n***a, risk it
My ass, you can kick or kiss it
[Verse 4: Jadakiss, Styles P, & Both]
Ain't no n***as in the world you know thorough than this
Bust off and sit the hot barrel dead on your lips
Like two thirds of a brick, Paniero and 'Kiss
The crystal white fluffy parts that'll come back quick
See, the plan is to stash all, cash y'all's
The weed so strong, they gotta put it in glass jars
N***as try to smoke me out then moke me out
'Cause the rims on my new joint be poking out
I'm about to have no feelings, shit is deep
Do they dance with the Devil when they sleep?
I wake up gripping the air, wishing to hear
Shit that they kick in your ear when your soul drift in the air
My gift is half-rotten, when I spit, it's a tear
That shit'll drop down my eye, I'm too tired to cry
And I ain't never seen a n***a that's too live to die
They say you get what you ask for, so get it 'cause you asked for it
A n***a ain't a thief, then he better have the cash for it
And we gon' be around 'til your body rot
And if the Feds brung us in, we'd get the same time Gotti got

[Verse 5: Noreaga]
Ayo, there's two ways into the hood, one plain
The other smoking chronic like straight to the brain
Yo, let's get loose, Hennessy straight with tomato juice
Queens stallions, buy guns from the Italians
Now y'all n***as recognize medallions
I play the best hood, OT with Tim Westwood
Used to be on Section 8, now my section is good
Thugged out n***as, we eat as much as we could
And I don't give a fuck, what? Yo, I say my shit
And I don't give a fuck, what? You can save your shit
Y'all n***as like extra skin on my dick (Uh-huh)
Listen to Bob Marley, y'all funny n***as like Steve Harvey
You fronting live with a weak army
I play the nice guy too and even smoke with you
But the realness, I ain't got no love for you
That's why I'll never do a song with you
Not even if your baby moms fucked the crew
And promised to give us head and swallow too
I still say no, no is no, no can though
Y'all n***as drinking Haterade, drinking my flow, yo
[Outro: Noreaga]
Thugged Out
Real motherfucking shit right here
Thug shit right here, motherfucker
Motherfucking thug shit right here (Thug shit, what?)
Fuck is the deal? (What?)
What the fuck is the deal?
What the fuck is the deal?
What? What? What?