Are you sure?
Weird kid
Back of the cla**
Headphones in and the music on blast
Studying sh*t that I will never pa**
Too f**king slow and the teacher too fast

Chillin' at home and I lay in my bed
Writing down thoughts as they go thru my head
I never cared about what people said
I'm tryna live I don't talk to the dead

Tell me to leave and I'll go
I don't need you to add on to my low
Cut off your weeds or you will never grow
You gotta break in the dark before you glow

I'm fallin' down I get back up
I fall again never enoguh
Life is a b*t*h gotta get tough
Don't ever hope that sh*t a bluff

F**k approval
You ain't useful
Ima get to starting my removal
I'm the new cool
F**kin' crucial
The way I'm cutting off it is brutal