Fist Full Of Dollars
[Verse One: Nature]
One's for the money
Two's for the weed spot
Undercover cops follow me though they need not
It's like I'm Rick James
Caught in the mix rocking thick chains
From hood to hood ain't sh*t changed
Supplying hits
They type of cat that holds iron d**k
Tricking the type of loot some cats will try and flip
Wire Tim to overthrow the livest clique
Firm, knowing you'll burn soon as the fire's lit

[Dr. Dre]
Yeah, Action's Affirmative
Ears open, eyes observing, the number one spot is mine
Predict a hit before it drop
It's fire when the [?] is locked
Sync a beat and keep the streets hot
Seven digits clock mandatory
The most wanted, blunted, low key in a 600
N***as debate what I roll with
[?] or presidential, my living standards never fell below

[Hook: Nature (Dr. Dre)]
I got a fist full of dollars
(Just for talking that sh*t)
Rich rap scholars
(Cause we talking that sh*t)
While we plan to live forever
(Always talking that sh*t)
You need to get your sh*t together
(And stop talking that sh*t)
It's the top of the division
(When we talking that sh*t)
Knock 'em out position
(If you talking that sh*t)
Ayo anything can happen
(Just for talking that sh*t)
Now watch us go platinum
(And keep talking that sh*t)

[Verse Two: Nature]
By the time it sets in I be a veteran
Setting the whole rap game aflame
Twisting up your misconceptions
Trick questions for game shows
They call me arrogant
Too thugged out, who do you blame though?
Dre know
The whole clique salute the rich
Move it out of the hood
Kids play where we used to p*ss
N***as is humorous
It's Nature, who dis?
Claiming Desperato, aim, shoot and they miss
[Dr. Dre]
Secure the zone
Rattle your bones like Roy Jones
Dr. Frankenrhyme, sparking your mind with microphones
Life with no emotions
Just balance the fake
Keep my poker face, draw quick and shoot from the waist
Make it hot
Put a Boot through your Camp like Buckshot
Coming straight from the bottom of Compton n***as
About to snap like a Vietnam vet in your building
Major flashbacks, finding hard to be civilian


[Verse Three: Nature]
The fact is rich cats give back to The Bridge
From the athletes to the hoes and blow traffickers
I'll do anything to be the man
From competing with fam', hold guns squeeze with either hand
It's like I'm ambidextrous
Somehow stress this
Talk about blowing and knowing the family's restless
How many ways can you correct this?
So at that I exit, I guess it's left to the expert
[Dr. Dre]
Besides a mansion is no option
Built a plan since the days of Compton
Kept the plaques from my first apartment
Now I play chess with men that stack capital
[?] Avenue, rich friends that cage animals
Handle biz with a cool mentality
Pop sh*t about a war, my account will never see a casualty
Bet your salary it won't stop
Every year I'm on top
Rolling something exotic off the lot