Desperados 2
[Intro: Nas]
You ever dance with the devil under the pale moonlight?
Desperados, travellin
What the f**k's up son?
We could do this word up, we could do this

[Hook: The Firm]
Spend too many nights on the Henny gettin right
Breakin big face Bennies, bettin against the friendly dice
I can't call it, it's goin too good to spoil it
Tell it like it is, the raw sh*t never rewarded
Spend too many nights on the Henny gettin right
Breakin big face Bennies, bettin against the friendly dice
I can't call it, it's goin too good to spoil it
Tell it like it is, the raw sh*t never rewarded

[Verse 1: Nas]
We bust guns, my mans bring coke to customs
Rock garments like Muslims speaking with deep wisdoms
Fat ganja sack be the reason my lungs are black
It's tons of crack that made the pimp game fall off track
Horseback ride hoes, these black desperados
1 4 point O's, blaze hydros with my compadres
Rock waves, cop jade trainos
Getting facials and toes done, I rolls one
Notch up, hold Glocks up, in hot tubs
Get my c*ck sucked, pop slugs through bathroom doors
Scan my b*t*h, f**king with me
Hoes pull on cancer sticks, dressed in AX and Verso
?Murson Halo?, gimme head, gimme dough
Platinum triple times, nickel nine, simple crime
Equal hard times, ask ?? benting since 79
He sent me a vine, he told me get mine
No dig, so numb, coking up rum
Plottin', kill b*t*hes with the d**k then call Cochran
Pa**ing Caz level, Daytona ice bezzle
You lay away, I take the day, flossing icicles
Who am I to trust, Pablo, he copped the pie from us
Your wifeys private lust, asking me to tie her up
The fame and fortune got rappers put in early coffins
N***as talking sh*t, broke, bragging and pushing Volkswagens
Sell ya tapes up at the Gabin, fake saggin'
You should've plotted with the cats who get paid
Retarded, 4 20's riding past
Diamonds that cut gla**, Firm get the paper then we dash
[Verse 2: Foxy Brown]
F**k that I done held it back, f**k y'all
You movin too quick, don't push ya luck y'all
The way I chiz, have these rap cats thinking you rich
Iced it up, frontin', then your girlfriends picked
If you thorough like you say you is, ho catch up
Ain´t no time for the slack up, my funds on the stack up
Glitterd up, rocks is kinda brolic now, give it up
BK a'day, go hey, shorty live it up
Laced up in anything, placed up c*cksucker
It be the tuckers and the suckers that 'll try to f**k ya
See me, I'm pretty slimmy on the 3D
Copped the Burgundy E, my n***a copped the 450
LS, now what the f**k you gon tell us
That have your lame man talking sh*t from the plain land
Watch this, I get my pu**y licked on the tropics
Bare chested, finnesed it, VVS'ed it
Spit mines, legally on the get mines
Straight jack move, while ya crew wanna d**kride
Hate on me, b*t*h you slopped it and I rocks this
?? from your idol, ain't no stopping this
Got a little H, bag anything in the mirages
Got these cats licking toes and giving ma**ages
Bonita, Platinum Visa where the cars is
We all know the stars and the shorty who's the ?laggis?
Caked up though, I'm g'd up, copping jade trainos
Word life, put that on my d**k and my chips
Dippin' in the Yukon with all the jewels on
The unspeakable truth song, bent, gotta move on
[Verse 3: Canibus]
At a thousand degree Celsius I make MC's melt
F**k my record label I appear courtesy of myself
Let me explain how I maintain thresholds to pain
I walk across the Sun barefoot lookin for shade
I rearrange your rib cage like a twelve gauge at close range
And change the position of your brain
My hard raps penetrate through your hardhats and all that
N***a, get ya wig peeled back
I scalp you like the indians on horseback
Running Bull will hit you harder than runningback
Stunning man with brave and cunning rap
Swiftly running laps around 48 tracks
Like uncut crack you fiends keep coming back
Heads is flippin like acrobats on gym mats
From wax to a***og tapes to digital DAT's
It's critical black, that Canibus is ill like that
In fact perhaps you should quit rap, instead of always
Tryin to diss back, cause n***as keep tellin you that your sh*t's wack
I rip raps, hardcore raps rushin you to the floor mat
Put you in the figure four, break your thorax
Jump off the top turnbuckle and land on your back
Til I hear it snap or crackle, the ref says chill black
You get clapped bringin the wrong raps to combat
Like bringin a paint gun to a shoot out with real gats
Y'all n***as is wack, rappin over microphone feedback
My intelligence begins where yours peaks at
From Fox Boogie in the see-through brasierre, to Nasty Nas here
My n***a Nature'll explain it further if it's not clear

[Verse 4: Nature]
Here's the cause of this sh*t, more statistics
Deeper than the laws of physics, Malibu sand ,the gorgeous b*t*hes
Weed from 1-2-5, my whole crew live
A true Desperado, one that never choose sides
And show sympathy, just QB, an ent**y
Stock exchange, top of the game, watch you mention me
Image is nothin just obey your thirst
I blaze the Purple Haze, sit in a daze, then display your birth
For those concerned or just eager to learn
I speak for The Firm, was told to keep the cheeba to burn
Stashin my riches, past traditions, like Olympics
Pa** the torch flip sh*t so y'all could picture my thoughts, I'm driftin
It's type ill wakin up lookin like filth
Twenty years younger same hunger same ice grill
Genetically form grade A pedigree
Born to carve rhymes, a swift tongue helped to set it free
Theoretically peep how we bless this, young and restless
Guns and westins, learnin to connect through lessons
From koofi's to caps, n***as shoot back
It's a proven fact, nine-seven's mine, y'all n***as move back

[Verse 5: AZ]
Yo lock in, through the knowledge, follow the doctrine
We clockin, on your airwaves, keepin it rockin
Blaze up, make fire, light your Purple Haze up
Betcha tired, b*t*h a** n***as need to be caged up
So raise up f**k the playin, I'm sick of layin
I can picture sprayin off an SK, shells ricochetin
Snatched up, in Supreme Court, eyes half shut
Co-defendant caught a life sentence, see him crack up
React what, who will, bail two mill'
N***a cool still bet I'll be home before the news will
Blast fuse the rebirth of Frank Matthews
Perhaps you confuse the concept black, cash rules
Incog-ged, another had more deez involved
Known freeze condo seized seven keys dissolved
Daily routine, speakin up for n***as who sling
Hand to hand on them street corners claimin you king
It's time to lock this, join with us, let your Glock spit
Guzzle the toxic, only fake n***as drop snitch
Get your guns out, it don't take much for me to dumb out
Play one route, lay ya sh*t down and run South