Firm Biz Remix (World’s Famous)
[Intro: Nature]
The world famous Firm thing for you and yours
Show the whole world how we run this business
It's the remix, yo
Check out my fam

[Verse 1: Half A Mill]
Milliato, used to cop blow from Milli Blanco
Little willies roll choco in Phillies and pop Mo'
Wheely 650s with my eyes closed, designer clothes
[??] finer hoes
They kinda rock diamond shines on they toes
Sign throwers, nine told us, high rollers, I know this
Keep my mind focused, rhymes are focused, rhyme dopest
N***as can't believe my mind wrote this
I was raised in a family of lye smokers
850i's wide Rovers, f**k a chauffeur, we drive high, never sober
Drive-by with the scoper, black Scarface coked up

[Verse 2: Nature]
There are very few cats I respect in this game
If you're lookin' through the credits, n***a, check for your name
And if it's not there, some'll complain that it's not fair
The way I popped up and hot all year
It's like a scarlet fever, take the hearts of all non-believers
Movin' with sharks, make it more hard to reach us
Dark lips be the God features
Flashin' more stacks, bald-headed as a Kojak
Keepin' shows packed, then the money flows, kid
N***as on my nuts like they honey-roasted
Rock Lo sh*t, double-XL to hide the fo'-fifth
Celebratin' this life, the whole clique

World's, world's, world's famous
World's, world's, world's famous
I'm talkin' Firm Biz to you, baby
Firm Biz, Firm Biz, Firm Biz, Firm Biz, Firm Biz!

[Verse 3: AZ]
Goal expeditions, stroll with street codes, sh*ttin'
Chose to listen, chiseled dice, Role's that glisten
Stole your wisdom, went against your whole solar system
Chromes dishin', two players know the mission
Guns ready for Benjamins if it 'comes deadly
Before you fire, take aim, hold steady
Hoes for the Highness, skiboatin' in Bahamas
Nostradamus, nationwide clothes the finest
Laced jiggy, Coup pushes [?] wit' me
From 850s to GT Mitsubishi's
Smoke weed up, moolah slowed me up
Froze me up, sex drive drove me nuts
For the world, every boy, every girl
Low-fade, Afro ways, waves and curls
Love the ladies, I'm like a stretch 6 Mercedes
D**k 'em down crazy, this sh*t is crazy
[Verse 4: Foxy Brown]
The world famous, cats throw they lips to the a***
Little b*t*h keep the fo'-fifther stainless
All that fake sh*t you came with
Is why I cop the Lincoln Av' and you still push the same sh*t
F**k a b*t*h, our hoes is detrimental
Fake Chanel sh*t and a rental, it's real simple
When you ballin', that's why they runnin' wit' you
When you fallin', man, them hoes ain't f**kin' wit' you
Motherf**kin' right, I will flash my ones
For my n***as down, yes, and I will rep for my dunns
Worl-world famous, Firm family stay tight like some virgin pu**y


[Verse 5: Nas]
We on the road to the top of the globe, launchin' off
Like the way a rocket explodes, never change course
Been everywhere, in this game seven years
Champagne tears for players who ain't here
Been across seas that's around the hemisphere
Rippin' up arenas like Madison Square
Pullin' the finest girls with the phattest gear
Lots of a** out there, but we had our share
Built a house on a mountain on top of the peak
Acres of green gra**, still watchin' the street
For the trife individuals, protectin' my life
Indivisible, under-gar' flexin' my ice
Never stress small things, what's promised will come
If you rich, then expect all drama to come
Broke n***as don't see it yet, when you get a ki, I bet
Friends ain't friends, girls wanna see you wet
Up, hopin' that you self-destruct
Got my balls and my word, and I just don't give a f**k
Live it up, where ya head? Get a cut
N***as get the money, stay tossin' it up, what!