96 Clue Freestyle
[DJ Clue]

With The Firm intro
From my man Steve Stoute's birthday
Happy birthday n***a

[Steve Stoute]

Motha f**kin' fake a** b*st*rds
Steve Stoute the commissioner n***a
I walk NYC dolo
The f**k
N***as ain't got no paper
Ain't pop no crisp
No b*t*hes no nothing no paper
Just on my d**k
Player hating on me
Wanna be me
Check out my crew n***a

[Mary J.Blige]

What we have here
Is the firm y'all
Nas Escobar
And Femme Fatale


Black pirellis rolling over this makaveli
Two platy LPs
Still the feds tap my celli
Made a mil and another mil
Just signed another deal
From the bridge ever summer deal
N***as run to steal
Cracks and bundles
Wanna be down ask Jungle
React humble but we blast guns too
Now to son you is a deeper plan
So when I jam
Reach the pan
Check the sale let the sound scan
Keep a brown tan
From vacationing
Chicks in Vegas
Tryna guess us how much we made to spin
Two Tiphannys from the Colosseum
Green olive BMs
Tracks from TM lack when we see em
Grip the heat
When the sixth season
Jump out the S4s
And test yours
Tudor watches
Allah watches
Stubborn, you won't admit that Escobar got this
On top let me explain what the c*ck is
Firm Biz came livin'
Naturally fly, diamond rings glistenin'
Make it seem sickenin'
What's really ill is how the team's clickin'
Femme Fatale on some dope sh*t
Flow sick we stay incorporate
Firm giving you a dosage
Of high explosives
You kidnap we kidnap
You blast sh*t, I did that
Cuttin' through the chase we bring it to where you live at
I wouldn't play you
I'd rather try you by your label
[Mary J.Blige]

Miss maximillion
Exotic diamonds let it charm
Legal life of bear arms
Protecting my squad from harm
Murder, Danger
Backstabbers and snakes
Murderers and Jakes
Spend thugs but the drugs a case
F**k y'all feel
And them accusations you make me
Wow femme fatale we increasing the stakes
Platinum plates choosin' isles
Like my cheese willie style
850 on the dig and if you see me

[Femme Fatale]

Major league mamis
With the bodies
Got your clique quick to buy these
Who wanna try these?
Firm colleagues
Somali's, think they're bada**
16 bars on that a**
Y'all n***as shat a**
Ali aye quatro
Play the pa**enger of chaco
6 to got though
Think you hot but you not though
Play the corner
Be the type of b*t*h to run up on ya
Much longer
While y'all get short bread like launa
You're a goner
Rhyme shoota, top shootas
With the lugas true das
Stats rulas
Firm biz grab the cougas

It be the firm biz getting it off
Slow regez the elegant black prince
We take the top gator
Black and shrotopa** like im a raider
Hang tight like dre right
Flow like hawian in the broad day light
I give all that I have
All in my power to see the day
That the crowd weighted
You expired and outdated
Re segregated
None of my people graduated
Ain't no progress in the projects
It's the same process
Rise to the top of New York
Keep the digest
Through all my cornets
Global solar
It's young omar
The shuffuler
We a***yze who they really are
Familiar, blow holes into your interior
You minute, little man
You think you general?


I put the hinds betters
Fake thugs styles glued together
Saying old rhymes show signs
You're through whatever
Eat your heart out
I play my part now
Fiend to be part of the squad
But I'm not gonna be shot down
Who's how now? I'm disgusted at you
Rap doo doo
It's funny if you let these cats fool you
The whole no wait
Your values dying at a slow rate
Opposition track live n***as pop gats
Been doin' this since the days of hot tracks
Claimin' you in the firm how's that?
When you got your spot jacked
Read between the lines
The foulest dreams was lead to blind
Tonight is excellence redefined
In the form of Nature, Noreaga
Nas, Mary J. Blige
Femme Fetale on the rise
Manager extraordinaire
My man, Jungle
Pu**y rebundled like desert plans
Spitting vivid raps
My whole clique rocking fitted hats
Millionaire status play the block give it back
Thanks to who?
My pen names tight like langston hughes
Generating chips, picking which banks to choose
Clever robberies, on deposits
I got this, why n***as on the blocks
Stare at b*t*hes gossip
I pop sh*t so understand me
From day one I rap whole new guns
That run in the family

Wa dada dang wa da da dang Hey Listen to my mac milli just go bang
Wa dada dang wa da da dang this is the firm biz