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[Intro: Lil Rass]
Ay Tweeko mixed this one you know, it sounds cold

Trappin' and stackin', stackin' and trappin'
Stack money and trap that
Man got a whole one a half of box in my backpack
Can't let the feds grab man
Man got gang unit tryna bag man
Drug squad just harass man
Two times man nicked with the weed
That's twice that they f**ked with my man's plan

[Verse 1: SMoney]
It's crackin'
Big shots and --- we're packin'
No manners
Still in the trap with banners, we made it vanish (Yeah)
Hash that, catch that yute while he's goin' shop
They had the drop but that sh*t flopped (Flop)
I hit the trap and counted prof
Trap and stack, we're servin' lots (Servin')

[Verse 2: Lil Rass]
We servin', pull up on the opps, they skrrin' (Skkrr)
All of them yutes talk smoke
Not one wants to see me in person (Not one)
Hold up and squeeze this ting in public
Just to show man that it's workin'
Took a next man gyal cah he said that he's workin'
When she knows he ain't workin' (She knows)
How you give verbal?
More than 10 of your friend been splashed, ain't none of you learnin'
Two in the dots so it's two black blades and we're purgin' (Two)
If your mumzy's you up the weed
But, you truss' me, she'll be screamin' and hurtin'
Free BMA, blam man anywhere
Or now man ain't finish his verdict (Free bro, free bro)
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