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King Iso

"Squadeca Cypher, Vol. 1"

[Verse 1: Sol]
Back out my slumber and I come for the crown
Count up my numbers, you'll probably frown
Existent or not, cold or its hot, I'm running this town to the bottom of the ground
You're spilling your tea and then dipping, no biscuit
Like Trump them and flee like a coward, why risk it?
This rap game my bowl, cut like a mole
Stepping on you, call me "Lil' Sole"
Breaking through the earth like I'm Hulk with the gems
Snapped, like a teen on their birthday with the Benz
Can't even snap you 'cause you couldn't afford the lens
Can't even rap 'cause you couldn't afford the pens
Zendaya still my girl, I double down like a twirl, white kids swear that I'm it at this point you can call me Earl
Pull out the stick like a white Harry Potter fan
Dip out this mix, I ain't got a strong attention span

[Verse 2: caelix]
Run up the guala, I run up the guap
Red signs on me, and they all saying, "Stop"
So I ran this sh*t back so far in the past
I got them confused, they all be like, "What?"
Whatchu been doing? I’m up in my bag
These b*tches on me, they tryna play tag
You rappers secure as some castles of sand
I did the deed, and then dipped, and then ran
Out here in Scotland, smoking the crack
Make like a spine, and run this sh*t back
I’m heavenly, make like a monkey and swing on divine
Taking your girl, yeah, she is mine
I just dropped the hottest songs of 2019
I’ve been back on my sh*t since the very first scene
Little boy, whatchu doing? Why you lookin' so mean?
My fit is so tight, you could say it's my genes

[Verse 3: Iso]
Iso in this sh*t, and it’s about to get killed
Isolate myself and i’m collecting the bills
No buffalo though, tell OJ I'm sorry
My hands are clean, wearing a glove every time I come, okay
Heard my name and now you’re usin' chrome
Listening to my sh*t, you about to get blown
Shootin' sh*t up, you about to get popped
Take a step back, you about to get dropped, run up a milly, and now we’re just gettin stoned
Now, enough about narcotics, let’s kick it back, like we’re in the tropics
Balling so hard, but I'm not talking Flint
Kick it with me, and you’ll hit a lick
Me in their sub box, you know they gon' click

[Verse 4: Lil Fagkii]
I got money, I got booze
Know no b*tches, only dudes
Talk ‘bout money, you confused
Haters hanging in a noose
di*k in my mouth, I ain’t gay, yeah
Trump is my number one bae, yeah
MAGA on my hat, I’m Ye, huh
The aftermath deadly, like Dre, huh
You do not know ‘bout my struggles, aye
My pet rat died, shoutout Snuggles, aye
I’m Harry, you just a muggle, aye
That’s the way that cookie crumbles, aye
I went to space, dawg, I like, yeah
I ain’t a third wheel, man, I’m on a bike, yeah
If you f*ck with me, my crew come and strike ya'
Call me a medical firm, I'ma strike her, aye

[Verse 5: Glexander]
Now it’s Glex up to bat, I’m the Cat in the Hat
Pull up to your lair, shoot it up with a gat
Still searching for that midnight mp3
Ben, just release it, set the poor file free
But until then, I’ll just keep killing this track
Ripping it apart, you should just call me Jack
Don’t call me the King, that title goes to Joey
In the summer of ‘03, she gave Jack a blowie, uh
I’m just here to slay, don’t got an agenda
Make you fall apart, like I'm playing Jenga
But I ain't playing games, I’m the God of War
I’ll throw your ass through a painting, Mario 64
Your dog spits cheese, mine spits fire
I’m the knight in shining armor and you’re just my squire
All y’all so greedy, Hungry Hungry Hippos
But you all fallin’ off, call you all black widows
I’m a daredevil, but I don’t beat Fisk
I spit bars, taking just a bit less of a risk
I used to be starving for confidence, now I've hit a buffet
As a matter of fact, I'm doing so well, I'm trying to lose weight
Only do these tracks now to let off a bit of steam
Too busy writing now, you won’t find me playin’ on Steam
Out with the old, and in with the new
Keep on spitting until my entire face turns blue
This beat has been slaughtered, time to pay our respects
To the cookie who threw together this project
Who made this beat? Not Nato, it was Oreox4
And shoutout to Logpog, for being the first out the door
Solar, caelix spit bars, and they’re lockin’ sh*t down
Iso’s new on the block, makin’ y’all look like clowns
Lil Fagkii hopped on the track, and he was flowin’
And I’m like, bruh, that’s a small dome moment

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