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"Into the Pit"

[Verse 1]
No one sees him here, I try to
Forget and enjoy whats near, never to
Believe what's to come, I never
Thought that would be the outcome
Findin' a place full of life without pain
No cause to complain in a life that I played
But my eyes don't escape what I see inside

Every wall, every place
Somethin' dark is followin' me here without a trace
Is it real or in my head?
I guess I'll find out when I wake up back home or dead

Dreadfully, terribly, something is amiss
But I won't mind the feeling, it's all made up in my head
Destiny's melody calling out to me
So what I'm gonna do is fall for you or walk out to the edge
Never the same, the hope I will drain from you
Into the pit, I must admit, I come anew

[Verse 2]
Taking it further, I find here a murder with a piece of my mind
As I'm caught intertwined between the roads
Of what's modern or old
Bringing together the past, an endeavor
To restore what I love and wipe forever memories
Held in a dark reverie
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