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258 Noise

"Intro (2Pac Anısına)"

[Intro: No.1]
Rest in Peace Pac
Saygılarla,  please

[Verse: MRF]
My  adversaries cry like ho's
Fully eradicate my foes
My lyrics explode on contact, gamin' you hoes
Who  else but Mama's only son? f*ck the phony n*ggas, I'm the one
Say  my name, watch b*tches come
Now fire when ready, stay watchin' our figure
Increase  speed, make you motherf*ckers bleed from your mouth quicker
Plus all these n*ggas that you run with be on some dumb sh*t
Trickin' on hoes, I ain't the one, b*tch
Holla my name and witness game official, it's so sick
Have  every single b*tch that came witchu on my di*k
Plus this alcohol increases the chance to be deceased
I'm movin' you stupid b*tches, this is telekinesis
Am I reachin' your brain? n*gga, how can I explain?
How vicious this thug motherf*cker came
When I die, I want to be a living legend, say my name
Affiliated with this motherf*ckin' game, with no more pain

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