Snow Tha Product

"Waste of Time"

Pum-Pumbaa are you nuts?

[Verse 1]
I don't know when you thought that this sh*t wasn't worth prioritizing or at least
Givin' my ass a heads up so I could continue with the way I used to be
I don't know when you changed it up on me, but I could've swore I never got the text
I could've planned this sh*t accordingly, I hate to nag and I hate to stress
Cause I haven't been up on my regular sh*t, man I was slowin' down a little to pursue this
I ain't a regular b*t*h, and if I wanted to unblock a couple numbers we could do this
But I heard that ain't how you get your man back, bring back my wild and ratchet ass back
Back to the nights I'd open my tab like Henny's on tap
You know you hate that, so hey
Anything you gotta say now, probably gonna be the time to say it
I would like a f**kin' breakdown, when were you planning on f**kin' telling me
That ever since we started talking you been on your jealousy
But in the meanwhile you been talking to Penelope and Heather and Alicia and Stephanie and Melanie
And phone lookin' like a Petey Pablo song, offendin' me

And now I'm like

Getting attached
I'm gonna go
I'll be alright
I'm better alone
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