Snow Tha Product

"Don’t Wait"

Pum-Pumbaa are you nuts?

[Verse 1: Snow Tha Product]
I've been out here clocking with the type of people y'all don't want to walk up in your house like all day (all day)
We been on the wall just leaning back and watching traffic
It's a big lick now no small plays
We the kids yo mama used to tell you 'bout
Blacktop hustle no play
We was out for hours when the sun came out
f**k a 9 to 5, it's all day

They can say whatever, ain't a single thing about it
When it come to backing down there's no way
They-They-They can be whoever, and it come to disrespecting
If they out here tryna check us no way
No way, no way
If you got a problem don't wait
No way, no way
If you got a problem don't wait

[Verse 2: Castro Escobar]
Yeah, yeah
Black hoodie and the white socks, logo on my hat
Got my mind, I hit the lick but got the po-po on my back
And they try to catch me slipping, but won't catch me in the act
I've been tryna hit the game and now she finally holler back
Okay, okay
They done finally let me in, best believe I'm gon' stay
Okay, okay
I done got the recipe now it's time for more cake
f**k what they be on
Moved to the west and now my lane grew strong
Say I ain't sh*t, but prove em wrong on every song I'm on
Been way too long so now they ain't gon' keep me calm
This for every time any a y'all did me wrong
I've been about it, f**k anybody that's gon' doubt it
They be in my business, they need to go get up out it
And everybody get they dope from the south state
So Snow copped me then she flew me out to L.A
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