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Snow Tha Product

"Vibe Higher Cypher 2"

Pum-Pumbaa are you nuts?

[Verse 1: Snow Tha Product]
Look everybody so tough on social media
Really sweet as Stevia
All of a sudden some people be mad at us because we be'a
Same motherf*ckers saw us hungry they was greedy huh
Ain't you seen us woke since 2010 and you was sleeping, huh?
Thirsty for attention cuz them likes they be like Fiji huh
b*tches need impedia
Light, right, serious
Ain't nobody come for me when I wasn't on tv huh
Back when I had the [?], baby that keep me up
Look, mother and a rapper, and CEO and real b*tch
Honor and my activism started for the deals and
Anger is the easiest emotion you can feel b*tch
But I'm all about a challenge
And I'm elevating real sh*t
Vibe Higher

[Verse 2: Castro Escobar]
Yeah, yeah
If Snow's the coach, then I'm the goddamn quarterback
Bars I gotta lotta that
Lotta y'all is washed up like y'all rapping at the laundry mat
Got one for the books, better get yourself an almanac
And on top of that we vibing higher, put y'all on to that
Anticipated and motivated to kill sh*t
Drink vitamin C, but I still give 'em that ill sh*t
Everyone told me I couldn't and yet I still did
Now all of 'em wishing I'd fall off like Jack and Jill did
I guess they gon' have to keep on wishing
The more I climb on up, the more they keep on b*tching
The more I rep my kind, the more they keep on dissing
The more work they give me, the more I keep on flipping
Vibe Higher

[Verse 3: LexTheGreat]
Yo I'ma tell it how it is
You know that if I said it than I meant it
And I never gave a f*ck about your feelings
Dummy, are you with the business?
Or you just another motherf*cker on the sidelines
Tryna win at something different
Tell me, what the f*ck the deal is?
'Cause back then they didn't want to see me winning
Now they realize that the boy came for a killing
Really I ain't even tripping
Now we vibing higher 'cause we got a bigger vision
The year is ending nice and this is only the beginning
Vibe Higher

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