Snow Tha Product

"Vibe Higher Cypher 3"

Pum-Pumbaa are you nuts?

[Verse 1: Snow Tha Product]
Coming back like booyah, b*t*h
I'ma get that bag
I'm out here repping like Zapata
One time for latinas that can do it all
Twerk, slow wind, dance Banda and Bachata

[Verse 2: Lex The Great]
Yeah, we been about the brown when it wasn't popping out
We had to mix it up, the Henny and Horchata
And while you b*t*hes still talking all this masa
You ain't say nada, linked up with the spicy enchilada

[Verse 3: Castro Escobar]
And we moving round everywhere, getting that
I'ma hit 'em right where it hurt like I'm Chavez
And we doing this every day, every month, every year
Name another team that be on this

[Verse 4: Snow Tha Product]
(Uh, uh, uh)
Not a wave, we really living like this
Gotta feeling I just started something you gon' copy huh?
You waving flags but ain't no spanish
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