Snow Tha Product

"Run That"

Where the queens is at
Where the queens is at
Where the queens is at

[Verse 1]
Better move, better make a better move
Better run quick, hide, 'cause see me I never lose
Better shoot, take a shot better shoot
I’ma get what's mine, get the product and the loot, better grind
Tell me where I've gotta go and get it, tell me what I gotta do
I gotta get the benefits and look around, tell me what I gotta go against
Tryna show me who can stop me, I’ma show you I'ma win

'Cause I am the queen, I am what they want
I have something that cannot be bought
I am the queen, yes I am a boss
I'm in command, I take no days off

[Verse 2]
Who? Who is gonna come against me, don't do it to yourself
Esto es para ti, act cool
Anything worth it ain't free
To be a boss, it's a cost and I payed that fee
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