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Snow Tha Product



Pum-Pumbaa are you nuts?

I don't want it if they not talkin' sh*t
Not talkin' if I'm not profitin'
My pockets got to be guap and thick
I got to get it 'til my pockets rich
A boss is [?] and real bosses know
The way I move and the way I show
Make the bread and I need the dough
I'm bakin' something like baking soda
Got the deals in my f*ckin' phone
Made like twenty today alone
Labels hate that I can't be cloned
They think they'll kill me off hate alone
f*ck 'em all and I f*ckin' bounce
Who the f*ck is gon' want it now?
[?] out and go shut it down
So suck my di*k and then shut your mouth

I don't want it if it ain't real as f*ck
I'd rather starve and I'll push my luck
I'd rather get it myself and ugh
These b*tches hatin' I can't be touched
Back to back and my fans is lit
I'm Mexican, get that [?]
Put that work, and I always been a legend growin' and now I'm it
Steppin' into my own terrain
I step on stages, they go insane
I put that work in, I don't complain
Tell lazy b*tches "We not the same."

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