Dizzy Wright

"2 Wings and a Crown"

[Verse 1: Dizzy Wright]
Just got an expensive pack (Yeahh)
Black Locs with the golden rims to match (Yeahh)
Nice style, yeah the Fresh Prince is back (yeahh)
2 wings and a crown is how I mix and match
I hits the wax, cloud surfin' on a cloud pen
Positive energy when you stands around him (yeahh)
Popular can't stand to see them n***as down him
Just a couple brown men tryna get some clean money (yeahh)
Oh this is life well it's alright I got this hotel for the night
But for the flight I be up all through the night
What it's like? it's cool
I be doing what I do for you
I'm in the street's 'til my feet hurt
Ayo Dizzy I got it if you ever need work
I'm goodie I got some sh*t that I've been working on (oh snap)
Heard it all but I feel I deserve it all (I feel ya)
I ain't trying to get all caught up in the life
Caught up in some sh*t that got me paying for lawyers for battles they don't wanna fight right
Keep it Dizzy right? Roll it up and live the hippy life
Even on yo' sh*tty night (at least he got some weed)

Yeah maintaining 'til I'm stable and comfy
Middle fangaz to the labels that want me
I'm funky if you smell me tell me, we living good in the LV

[Hook: Dizzy Wright]
I'm more then alright
Got a good vibe, everyday I'm celebrating life
Living fly got 2 Wings and a crown
(Living like a king now)
Nothing but love, got a good buzz
Want to give the whole wide world a hug
Living high like 2 wings and a crown
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