Dizzy Wright

"The Golden Ghetto"

[Verse 1]
I'm tryna build a name for myself (for myself)
Out here on my grind, that's for sure (that's for sure)
n***as salty when they given help (when they helped)
Makes me wanna walk my own road (walk my own road)
The same talk
The team work make the dream work (dream work)
But we can't trust none of these hoes (of these hoes)
But living in the city of the sin, hey
This is all a n***a know (know)

[Hook 2X's]
I'm tryna be a man now (be a man now)
Dear Lord, what's my plans now? (what's my plans now?)
This fast money keep on calling on a rebel
Get your ho and welcome to the golden ghetto
Tired of doing bad

[Verse 2]
She tryna build a life for herself
Never thought that she be taking off her clothes
But sh*t rent gotta get paid, hey
So she work for all that she owns
Late night, early mornings
Baby, can I hit it in the morning?
She don't understand what I've been through
Between me and you, as a man
It's hard to deal with what you do, so
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