Dizzy Wright

"Good Knight"

[Verse 1: Kirk Knight]
Look, of course like no mail watch it keep my eyes peeled, reveal
Watch if five connection is too real
Word is bond positive and negative
Black executives like "Hey", just find words for sedatives
Ill never fishy
I never understood the ugly ones with the jewels or the yarmulke
Don't get clapped through the monitors
"But what's in store?" she said "BJ"
"Yeah, just for all of us"
Industry chicks get crazy for a little tip
Hennessy and wine glass lying say they only took a little sip

Ya'll look cute but a n***a just a crazy one
Life and whisky, take it with a grain of salt
Cats like us, stay miscellaneous don't forget watch it
Protect your neck stop it before you get stomped in
We light it up, keep it ultraviolet
Consider the key that's defying us, n***a

[Verse 2: Joey Bada$$]
Everything was good until reality struck, never thought reality could cut me deep like a fatality could
A fake salary like we ain’t eating that green
Mama my dream be king and I’ma be honored
But I'm beyond it, not being a sapien, I’m a supreme being when I be rhyming
Outshining the Muhammads and the 'Bamas cause I’m a Brooklyn bomber

Bringing the drama, start tuning your timers
No Hakuna Matata, wake up that goon or your medulla oblongata
Stop thinking what your tinking with
Hold ya bladder, save the blabber
Roll a J with some grabber take a plane to Allah with the sh*t that I'm supplying
Or put you on the road to Zion no lying
Yo' flow tiring, I'm a flow tyrant
The best with the grip to your neck no violence
The best with the grip to your neck no violence
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