Dizzy Wright

"Stop Hatin On Me"

[Verse 1]
I feel I'm the sh*t cause everybody talkin
I know I'm the sh*t cause everybody watchin uh!
I'm tryna make it to the top, but the top seems far when everybody is stallin
Yeah, young man tryna stand out, and I'm tryna be the best. hands down
I rep the vegs so I'm more than just a man now
I'm makin dough and now everybody got there hand out
Damn, ya'll n***as trippin, n***as see the money comin in and wanna kick it
And when I say I'm busy, all of you d**k heads, start sayin that I'm startin to get a big head
But I'm out in the streets chasin the big bread, I ain't gotta start I'm cool with bein the sixth man
I got problem tryna mix it in with the dreams, get money then mix it in with the team
So what's all the hate for n***a just stop it, when it's time to hate em I'm always the topic
But I realize n***as want attention and it's hard to ignore some one that's so poppin

Back up I need my space, mother f**ker stop being so fake
n***a please get up out my face and quit with all of that hate
And I say
Hol' up, hol'up stop hatin on me [x3]
I'm just tryna do my thing

[Verse 2]
I'm looking in a mirror and I see faith
You looking in a mirror and u see hate
I'm suprised your ass could even see straight
And I'm a make it the VEG way
Hol'up n***a tryna jock my style
f**k that n***a I'm a aim for the clouds
Sit on that b*t*h and then aim for your mouth
As I'm p*ssing and I'm dissing yelling n***a what now?
Laughing, enjoying the fact, you n***as hating on me
I'm never coming down, so why you waiting on me
God's Child so you know that n***a Satan on me
So shout out to all the people that's praying for me
Yeah, it's kinda hard in the game
When you coming out and going hard in the pain
n***as on your ass trynna hock for the same
But they talk and they hate to obtain. man
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