Dizzy Wright

"Apart of the Plan"

[Intro: Dizzy Wright]
Aw damn. This must be all a part of the motherf**kin' plan

[Verse 1: Dizzy Wright]
Yo, this must be a part of the plan (right)
Took away their water and put all these guns in their hands
The n***as that go to jail get out and don't never have a chance (whoa)
Maybe they can create a system that they can go to and expand (you know)
Something like college for criminals to become a better man (right)
Fully service learning with a high security demand (that's right)
Something to change the trends, you know, getting the n***as off the stands
No more courtrooms if they didn't feel like they was pushed to the same sins
I'm talking gyms to get criminals off the street (real)
Put 'em in jail and hold 'em back
We making the criminals increase ('crease)
Dealing with a system that can't be beat, rest in peace
Funny how they knocking us down but want us to stand on our feet (f**k you mean)
Who's held responsible for a government breach
The governor or the n***a that paid the state emergency fee (yo, point 'em out)
Everything is starting to make a lot of sense
They tearing houses down, they pushing the poverty up out of Flint
"Let's turn it to a college town, move in all college kids"
All I know is jobs over jails and they ain't got the sh*t
Living a nightmare cause y'all forgot the sh*t
Creating a warzone and expecting them to be positive
This sh*t is wild (sh*t is wild)
And now I'm bringing the fire spelled backwards
And power residence of Flint, Miss LaDonna, I'ma holla at you 'cause
I got ideas for kids, and not only do I provide my own, energy is limitless
The real battles start back at home
These youngins here will crack your dome
But do it like Marissa Schills
Driving down Saginaw I just passed Berston Fields
I'm just feeling hurt they don't respect me for every verse I kill
Vegas raised but Flint, Michigan hanging up my jersey still
Worth a mill, feed your mind
Read up in between the lines
Food for thought
If you're feeling lost, then you will see in time
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